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No Thrush
No Thrush

No Thrush® is the first ever “DRY” approach to thrush treatment. It’s Safe, All-Natural formula is “dusted on” with a thin-tipped squeeze bottle, which provides excellent coverage of the infected area. The ingredients have been ground into a fine powder. It coats the area of the infection just as flour coats and stays on your hands while baking. No Thrush finds the damp, deep-in places that wet products can’t find. In fact, the developer asked: “Why put a “Wet” product on a “Wet” infection? Isn’t that counter-productive?” Won’t burn your horse’s tender tissue with chemicals!



APF is the first supplement for horses formulated to provide the unique benefits of adaptogenic herbs. Developed by an equine veterinarian, APF provides advanced nutritional protection against the negative effects of stress by supporting immune function, increasing inter-cellular metabolism, stabilizing energy regulation and improving digestive function. The improvement of inter-cellular energy though increased glucose utilization is one of the primary reasons for the multiple benefits of APF. By maintaining proper energy resources, every system – from the immune system to the digestive system to the musculo-skeletal system – is better able to respond appropriately to any challenge and return to homeostasis or equilibrium more rapidly.

APF Pro Equine

APF Pro is our newest formulation developed especially for the equine athlete. Based on our original formulation, APF, APF Pro contains additional, specific nutrients which have been shown to increase lean muscle mass in response to exercise and to help protect against the development of gastric ulcers caused by stress.

* Improved formula provides anti-catabolic action to help build skeletal muscle
* Helps protect adrenal function when transitioning from steroids
* Increases resistance to stress induced gastric ulcers
* Protects the immune system from long-term or intense stress
* Protects liver function
* Protects kidney function
* Optimizes glucose uptake and utilization in muscle cells
* Promotes higher levels of ATP and CP in muscle cells
* Improves utilization of lipids (fats) for long-term energy production
* Improves and protects mitochondrial efficiency
* Protects digestive function by providing sustained energy to the GI tract
* Delays the onset of fatigue during exercise
* Improves recovery from physical exertion
* Delivers powerful anti-oxidant activity to protect against free radical damage
* Protects against the damaging effects of intense or chronic stress

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